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About Me

Sarah Craig - Business Analyst / Project Manager

Hi there!  I am Sarah Craig,  and I am a professional Business Analyst / Project Manager based in South-East Queensland, Australia.

I love engaging with the Business and end-users at all levels of the organisation.  I enjoy making sure that technology is utilised correctly to help solve problems and streamline processes; making day-to-day activities easier, less stressful and less prone to errors.

Previously, I worked as a programmer, so this gives me the ability to understand and translate ‘technical-speak’ for all levels and types of stakeholders across the organisation.

I have many years’ experience across various sectors including:

  • Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Government
  • Education
  • Banking and Insurance

I have also taken on various voluntary roles during my career including Vice-Chairman of the local Kindergarten, Fire Warden at the University and Emergency Area Warden at the SCHHS.

At several workplaces, I was also heavily involved in the roll-out of Crosby’s Quality Methodology, taking on the role of Quality Champion to help several employers gain ISO 9000 accreditation.

My goal is to enable technology to make a positive difference to those I am working with.

A few of my recent roles

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Principal Project Manager
Principal Project Manager – Pyxis Upgrade Project
Artists impression of STARS
Surgical, Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS)
Integrated Electronic Medical Record (ieMR)