Senior Systems Analyst – Consultant

Senior Systems Analyst at Ford Cellular SystemsI worked as a Senior Systems Analyst for Ford Cellular Systems from April 1996 to October 1996.


  • I was responsible for coordinating the ongoing support and enhancement of various systems.  These included customer management, finance and cellular (Cellnet and Vodafone) systems that were used by the cellular phone administration arm of Ford Motor Company.
  • I provided team leadership to members of staff reporting to me.  This included supervising day-to-day activities, carrying out performance appraisals and helping with various staffing issues that cropped up.
  • I carried out recruitment interviews with potential new staff, working closely with HR to ensure a good fit with the Company and the existing team members.
  • I continued to follow the ‘No blame Culture’ philosophy from my previous employment at TSB Bank.  This helped staff in my care to feel that they could ‘stretch out’ when coming up with solutions to either business or technical problems, thereby allowing them to think up ‘outside-of-the-box’ ideas without fear of reprisal.
  • I carried sole responsibility for the User Acceptance Testing phase. This involved making sure that all software was fully tested and compliant prior to implementation as well as working closely with the vendors to ensure bug fixes were tested thoroughly to ensure there were no unforeseen side-effects.
  • I led the Implementation phases of all the major project releases.  as well as making sure each upgrade was implemented in a timely manner, whilst causing as little disruption to the Business’ day-to-day activities as possible.
  • I assisted in the ISO 9000 Quality accreditation for all relevant procedures

The offices of Ford Cellular Systems in Swindon

  • I was responsible for training members from various departments (including Accounts, Warehouse, Customer Support and Senior Management) in how to use new systems and enhancements.  This included presentations and workshops as well as developing both end-user and technical training materials.
  • I took part in the tendering process for contracts with external suppliers.  This involved defining criteria, evaluating tenders, ensuring that the process was above reproach and making sure that the best outcome was achieved for both Ford Cellular and the vendor.