ieMR Clinical At-The-Elbow Support

During the go-live of ieMR at SCUH, I was one of the team providing at-the-elbow support for SurgiNet and SAAnaesthesia to clinicians such as surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing staff.

ieMR Clinical Elbow Support

It was an amazing experience to be in an operating theatre whilst these people do their thing. Outcomes that the rest of us would consider miracles are performed as ‘just another day at work’. The way these teams react under pressure, especially when it was a Category 1 situation left me in awe…to see them all move around the theatre as if it was a choreographed dance sequence was amazing.

I feel truely privileged to have seen these staff carry out their work (something that not a lot of IT people get to do!), and to help them when they help so many others.