Principal Business Analyst

I worked as a Principal Business Analyst with the role of ICT Commissioning Lead for the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service from December 2015 to May 2017.


ICT Commissioning Team
ICT Commissioning Team – Me in Pink!  So proud to have been a part of this 🙂

Worked with an amazing group of people to get the brand new, world-class hospital up and running. Lots of customer engagement in a highly specialised field.

Initially working with the Principal Business Analyst responsible for the Interventional Suite, including Operating Theatres, Procedural Suites & Hybrid Theatres and the Clinical Investigation Unit to specify ICT requirements for the areas.

Subsequently given responsibility for overseeing the ICT Commissioning of 11 different Service Areas including:

  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology Queensland (including Mortuary)
  • Clinical Information Service (Health Information Management)
  • Endoscopy
  • Executive and Administration
  • Dental Services
  • Pastoral & Spiritual Care
  • Emergency Response Team & Health Emergency Operation Centre

to ensure that their ICT requirements were met prior to the opening of the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital in April 2017. This included working side-by-side with the Business Areas, specifying both their hardware and software requirements and later, ensuring that their needs had been met in the physical roll-out of hardware and confirming that software was installed appropriately and correctly.

Specified call-flow information for the telephony systems and tested that this will work with each of the business areas.

Made sure that other teams have access to key information so that they were able to carry out their tasks in a timely manner.

Also assisted in defining new workflows for clinical areas and liaising with all levels of staff including nurses and clinical directors.

Assisted with the implementation of the Pharmacy Robot and the Pyxis automated medication dispensing systems;.  Designed an automated solution to allow the iPharmacy stock control module to be updated with Pyxis med station imprest stock levels and allow for automated reordering of drugs.

Business Analyst for the State acceptance of the Building Management Solution integration

Produced end-user fact sheets and solution overviews explaining how the Building Management Solution monitors fridges and freezers in the clinical spaces.

Designed a testing process to ensure that all fridges and freezers are correctly configured in the system and to ensure that any failure of the devices is reported appropriately.



Worked with the Human Resources department at Nambour General Hospital to help map out their Senior Medical Officer recruitment process. We then worked together on ways to streamline the process and documented these so that they could be better prepared for the large recruitment drive required for SCUH opening.



Assisted my Line Manager with the recruitment of an additional ICT Commissioning team member following the departure of a colleague.  This involved shortlisting suitable applicants as well as interviewing.


Patient Flow Manager Roll-Out at Nambour General Hospital

Supported the Orthopaedics In-Patient Department at Nambour General Hospital during the Day One Go-Live of Patient Flow Manager (PFM).  This involved supporting the Clinical Nurse Educator in setting up patient information, carrying out training refreshers with key users and making sure that everyone felt supported and happy with the new system.


Lots of other things too…

As the ICT Commissioner for my areas, I’ve been asked to participate in numerous other things too…I’ve joined in with:

Sunshine Coast University Hospital

  • Providing blood samples for the Pneumatic Tube System testing
  • Testing Patient TVs
  • Testing mobile duress buttons
  • Helping Pathology Queensland, HSQ and CISSU with the Pathology Lab equipment setup
  • Assisting Endoscopy staff with producing spreadsheets for Scope tracking



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