Business Analyst / ProgrammerAnalyst / Programmer at TSB Bank
TSB Bank Plc | Newport, Wales
February 1995 – April 1996


  • One of three designing and developing a Management Information System for use by the Actuarial, Marketing and Data Controls departments.
  • Dataflow Diagrams were used to assist in defining the system and its boundary. Entity Relationship Diagrams were used to ensure we understood the relationships between the entities and how the relationship existed.
  • LBMS System Engineer was used as the CASE tool on the project.
  • Analysis was enhanced using prototyping techniques allowing expert users for the system to be fully involved in the requirements specification and design of the system.
  • Volunteered to become the IT Quality Champion to continue the role out of Crosby’s Quality Methodology across the Newport site.
Business Analyst / Programmer
TSB Trust Company | Hampshire, UK
February 1987 – February 1995


  • Carried out the investigation phase for a system that would be responsible for calculating the commission owed to the TSB Sales Force. Involved producing various SSADM documentation detailing how the current system operated and possible problems that could be encountered during data conversion, highlighting risks and developing contingency plans. Various diagramming methods were used including Process Models, Dataflow Diagrams and Functional Decomposition Diagrams.
  • Worked as an analyst specifying changes to the Mortgage Quotation System running in TSB Bank Branches. Work included producing feasibility studies, technical design documentation and test plans. Assisted with training and supervision of other staff on the projects, including code reviews to ensure the quality and standardization of code produced.
  • Responsible for analysing an existing legacy system and documenting processes before working on requirements for the new replacement system. SSADM was followed, using Excelerator (a CASE tool) to produce Data Flow Diagrams, Functional Decomposition Diagrams and a data dictionary.
  • Took part in the analysis, design, development and implementation of the TSB Insurance Broking Performance Monitoring System used by Insurance Broking staff to provide Management Information.
  • Seconded to TSB Bank in Wythenshawe, Manchester for 6 months to assist with the final testing of the Mortgage Quotation System before it was deployed to Bank branches.
  • Volunteered to become a Quality Champion to assist in the roll out of Crosby’s Quality Methodology to enable TSB Trust Company to be awarded ISO 9000 accreditation.


I studied with theTSB Bank Management College in Solihull undertaking the Project Management/Team Management distance learning program.  The course ran for a year and covered such topics as:

  • motivation, developing staff and managing performance
  • team leading
  • interviewing and recruitment
  • disciplinary action
  • budgets and forecasting
  • time management
  • creativity and decision making
  • communication skills
  • planning and reviewing
  • customer relationships