Business Systems AnalystBusiness Systems Analyst at USC

I worked as a Business Systems Analyst for the University of the Sunshine Coast from July 2012 to December 2015.


Business Analysis for Online Payments
  • I teamed with the Chief Financial Officer and key Financial Services staff to analyse the functionality needed to enhance the Online Payments system (provided by Unilink) so that it met the University’s requirements.
  • I worked with various stakeholders across the University to design a method of streamlining payment processes for students.  This involved designing and building interfaces with several back-office systems containing sensitive customer and financial data.
  • I designed and implemented real-time error handling to immediately advise of any issues surrounding the processing pipeline.
  • I was awarded a Corporate Services Success award for this work.


Business Analysis for ParkMan
  • I worked with the Facilities Management department to design a way to integrate its COTS Paid Parking system with the Finance Department’s Online Payment system.
  • I analysed the requirements for, and went on to design the system to, allow real-time online payments to be pushed from the Unilink system through to the University’s Parking system, and then on to the Sunshine Coast Council’s systems.  This allowed the Council to validate that cars were parked legitimately on Campus.
  • I also designed and produced the programmers’ build documentation to develop a system (ParkMan) that allowed the Facilities Management staff to make changes to staff and student parking permits and tickets via a GUI rather than through a time-consuming and error-prone manipulation of Excel spreadsheets and batch uploads.


Business Analysis for the Corporate Web
  • I liaised with the business, gathering requirements and producing ‘Proof of Concepts’ for various parts of the new website.  The design and requirements were confirmed using CASE designs, feeding into the Agile project methodology utilising sprints and daily stand-ups.


Business Analysis for the Staff Intranet
  • I was part of the SharePoint 2013 implementation team, using the platform to develop a staff Intranet. This involved taking part in the investigation, design and build phases of the project specifically defining requirements by using Use Case scenarios.  Working on analysing and specifying future enhancements, designing and building additional functionality, liaising with all areas of the business and at all levels.  Awarded a Corporate Services Success award for this work.


Programming Activities
  • I designed and wrote JavaScript injection code together with CSS to add additional USC specific functionality into the standard Unilink Online Payments system.
  • I was part of the development team that built a graphical user interface for the information flowing between the Online Payments system and the Parking System.  ‘ParkMan’ was developed using .Net (C#).
  • I was part of the team that upgraded the University’s website from a deprecated Microsoft implementation through to a new Content Management System (Umbraco, a .Net (C#) environment.).
  • I developed the prototype USC mobile app for Android and iOS using Ionic and AngularJS.  This involved writing interfaces from the USC website as well as consuming Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds so that up to date information would show in the app.  I also integrated Google Maps so that students would be able to find their way around campus easily.


Blog Posts


  • ITIL Foundation certification
  • Umbraco Developer certification.
  • SharePoint 2013 Administrator course facilitated by Microsoft.

Received Umbraco training as part of my Business Systems Analysis work

Received Sharepoint training as part of my Business Systems Analysis workReceived ITIL training as part of my Business Systems Analysis work